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The MathOR programme

One of the objectives listed in the National Development Plan for improving education, training and innovation is to increase the number of students eligible to study towards maths and science based degrees to 450,000 by 2030. This objective will not be reached unless the challenge of poor quality school education in a vast number of South African schools are addressed.

The MathOR Programme is intended as an acceleration math programme for strong academic learners from a financially disadvantaged background. The programme provides professional mathematics tutoring for high potential Grade 8 - 12 learners interested in a mathematics or science based career to supplement their mathematics education received at school. The aim is to increase university readiness by developing a deeper understanding of the prescribed Grade 8 - 12 mathematics syllabus, as well as by giving exposure to advanced topics covered at university level, and to increase the number of high performing students from a disadvantaged background registering for a BCom/BSc (Mathematical Sciences) degree. ​Upon successful completion of the programme in Grade 12, learners will have the opportunity to apply for a Surgor bursary to enrol for a BCom/BSc (Mathematical Sciences) degree with focus area in Operations Research.

Grade 8 – 12 learners in the MathOR programme have the unique opportunity to enroll for tutoring at Edifymaths. Tutors are mainly lecturers from Stellenbosch University. Tutoring consists of two 1-1.5 hour sessions per week in the afternoons: one session taught by a tutor, and one exercise session on an online platform with tutoring assistants available to help with questions. The Grade 8 – 12 Mathematics curriculum is covered during the Edifymaths tutoring sessions. Additional to the Edifymaths tutoring, lecturers from the Department of Logistics teach on selected topics on an ad hoc basis during the year to introduce all learners in the MathOR programme to the university subject field, Operations Research. Grade 10 – 12 learners who regularly achieve 80+ in school assessments have the option to enroll for tutoring in Advanced Programme Mathematics at Edifymaths, with the aim to write the matric final exam offered by the IEB in their Grade 12 year. The location of the tutoring classes is at Stellenbosch University.

Each learner in the MathOR programme is assigned a Stellenbosch University based mentor. Mentors is responsible for monitoring the progress of the learner, identifying possible obstacles to learning for the specific learner, and supporting the learner with university or career related questions.

The MathOR Programme is managed by Surgor, a Stellenbosch University based research group in Operations Research, situated in the Department of Logistics. Surgor is responsible for marketing, learner interviews and selection, enrollment at Edifymaths, stakeholder engagement, mentoring of learners, sponsorships and bursaries.

This programme is currently jointly sponsored by Edifymaths, the SU Department of Logistics, and Surgor.

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